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Intention Candle

Intention Candle

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Intention candles, also referred to as manifestation or prayer candles, have a long history of being used to improve spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. The flame acts as a conduit to attract or redirect the desired energy. To begin, articulate your intention while lighting the candle and engage in a brief ritual. Many people adopt a routine of using intention candles for 7 to 21 days alongside prayer, writing, or meditation. It is recommended to personalize the ritual to suit your preferences. While there are no restrictions on the intentions you can set with a candle, it is advisable to focus on one intention at a time.

Common intentions:

  •  Money
  •  Promotion 
  • Health
  •  Love 
  • Family
  •  Personal Healing
  •  Heightened Intuition 
  • Banishing / Releasing 

8oz Herbal Fragranced Candle

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